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Noble; aden [wip]
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Accepted applications are moved here for your browsing pleasure.
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herbalist, basile roux
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Paris's central arrondissements, also known as the magicians' districts, compose the Inner Heart. This area has been completely rebuilt post-Rift: while considered new and improved, the original parts of half-destroyed monuments like the Eiffel tower could only be replaced, not restored. The magicians who live and work in the Inner Heart frown upon commoners as intruders who have no place in these districts.
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Fancy schmancy [roulette]
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The Outer Ring, the arrondissements surrounding the central districts, is where commoners reside. Reconstruction efforts in the Outer Ring were more focused on utility and speed than the luxury visible in the Inner Heart. Here, traces of the Rift's desolation remain in abandoned half-standing buildings, potholed streets, grimy and drawn faces looking out of cracked windows.
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The Catacombs, long-abandoned stone mines stretching beneath the streets above, are home to a subterranean society of strigoi and the human "livestock" they keep to feed from, unbeknownst to commoners. The ancient network of galleries and caverns, extensively renovated and furnished by its vampire inhabitants, is only accessible through secret entrances scattered all over the city—from subway inlets, cemeteries, cellars of bars, the sewers and manholes.
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A buffer region between the city and the Badlands, the suburbs surround metropolitan Paris. The area is heavily fortified and off-limits to the civilian population for security reasons. Mostly troops and government researchers are stationed here.
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Truly outside the Parisian Protectorate's jurisdiction, the Badlands show the unhealed scars of the Rift. Crumbling buildings and the remnants of civilization, reclaimed by nature, stretch as far as the eye can see. Monsters stalk the wasteland, their hunting ground.
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hold no guns
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The Other Place, the home realm of spirits, is a multicolored, swirling mass of collective essence. There is no individuality of being; all spirits are as one in a single consciousness. Time passes differently in the Other Place, and the world has no apparent order or law able to be grasped by human understanding.
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